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Suai Spa School in Phuket, Thailand

Suai Information:
Phuket entered high season. It is very good weather here in Phuket.

@We started massage service by our expert massage teachers.

About our schools
We have lesson course that Aroma Massage, Facial, massage of Swedish, Sports, Slimming, Scrub, Mask, Herb Ball Press, Indian Head, Hawaiian LomiLomi, Hot Stone Therapy, Lymph Drainage, Spa Package Course, and 1 day Spa Course.

The Suai spa school is a spa school of the group of Thai Traditional Medical Services Society which is the Thai government approval.

Our location is in Phuket of Thailand which the most suitable place for learning massage for foreigner.
There is an international airport where many direct flights have accessed in Phuket.
Moreover, it is the optimal place for the study of the massage which there are the beautiful sea and mountain in Phuket and was blessed with much nature.

Our student can greatly enjoy the nature and sightseeing of Phuket on after school or a holiday.
There is a boat pier for go to many island within Phiphi Island in near our school and can do trip around the islands sightseeing on a holiday.

Our school is for Thai and foreigners and the classes are given in Thai and in English.
We adopt small group system in order for beginners to acquire massage skills within a short time under close supervision.

We provide massage training course that you can acquire advanced massage skills in a regulation time and also provide therapist training course that you can expect yourself to learn deeply and improve rapidly (in Phuket Thailand)

In addition, you can also learn Thai Massage, Foot Reflexology, Rusie Dutton Yoga because we establish Suai Thai Massage school attach to our building.

Let's obtain spa massage technique and a completion certificate and make your skill raise that study happily together with everybody in phuket in Thailand of the country of the south in Asia !!

Sister School

Suai Thai Massage School Phuket
We have a Thai massage, Foot Reflexology, Rusie Dutton Yoga school too.
You can see your massage school from this link.

Contact Us Suai Spa School

46/342 Moo 6, Phrabarami Rd, T.Kathu, Kathu, Phuket 83120 Thailand
(Near Tiger Kingdom)